FlesplankThe Felsplank CM is a standing seam plank, a recently developed product to enhance the aesthetic look of roofs and facades be it maintenance or new construction. The graceful appearance of the Felsplank CM – “retro” look – is mainly determined by the “Roofer” connector which is designed with slim in mind ie 35 mm by 23 mm wide.

To keep the Felsplank CM in place we have specially designed and developed an ingeniously enclosed mounting clip made of stainless steel spring steel. The traditional crimping is not necessary.

The Felsplank CM can be produced both in pre-painted steel or pre-painted aluminum, in all possible colours.
Material used for this product :

  • Pre-painted aluminium
  • Pre-painted steel

Special options:
• Corner Panels both vertically and horizontally
• Connectors
• Working width 300 mm – 500 mm

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